Eco Box Liner

Eco Box Liner

Reflective Bubble Gusseted Bag designed to line and fit a corrugated box .

Ideal for product that must remain refrigerated for periods of 24 hours or less.

Specialized metalized film that is designed to reflect heat away and to prevent the transfer of heat or cold through a 3/16” layer of laminated bubble.

Available for any size box.

The Eco-Box Liner will outperform an expanded Poly Styrene cooler and the liner is recyclable. This set is intended to fit a 10x10x10 box. Simply insert the A-pad into the bottom on one side of the box. Then place the B-pad against the remaining three sides. Load your product to be protected along with gel packs, fold the end of the A-pad over and seal with the tape gun.

The pads are constructed with recyclable water bottles and have a recycle code of one for PET. The Eco-Box Liner Set has many advantages over a traditional EPS cooler. They’re recyclable, affordable, durable, efficient to ship and provide cushioning and thermal protection. Contact State Line Packaging to discuss all your packaging needs.