Pop Up Pouch Demo Video

At State Line Packaging, we specialize in temperature control and protective packaging solutions. Today we are demonstrating our Pop Up Pouch. The Pop Up Pouch is ideal for keeping critical products cool while been shipped for up to 48 hours. We hope you find the Pop Up Pouch demo valuable.

Pop Up Pouch – Protective Packaging Solutions with Flexibility

The Pop Up Pouch is available in three sizes and two thicknesses. It will self-expand two times its original size after simply piercing the body of the mailer. As you can see in the Pop Up Pouch demo, this ability to expand when needed saves space in the warehouse and reduces inbound freight expenses. Urethane foam provides both protective and thermal packaging for critical products. Pop Up Pouch is often times used for shipping such items as insulin and pharmaceuticals at pharmacies or fulfillment centers.

Once inflated the mailer can be shipped as is. Pop Up Pouch also fits easily inside the standard USPS, UPS or FedEx shipping box. The Pop Up Pouch utilizes a single inner bladder with our padded side seals. In other mailers with open sides, the product to be protected unless very carefully loaded, is likely to migrate to one of the exposed edges and not be surrounded by foam once expanded. Not so with Pop Up Pouch. It’s virtually impossible to load the product incorrectly. We design and build our machinery in-house and manufacture our own products. As you can see our standard product is in a generic mailer, which allows us to offer the option to print it with your name and information on the outer envelope. Let us know if you have any questions after viewing the Pop Up Pouch demo. Contact us to discuss your packaging needs. Call 419-913-1550