About State Line Packaging

Home of the Pop Up Pouch

Specialized Custom Packaging Products for More Than 50 Years!

Unique Packaging Solutions for Temperature Sensitive Products.

State Line Packaging was founded and is located in Toledo, Ohio.

In house, we have the capability to design, fabricate, machine and build our own packaging machinery.

We have created 3 generations of machinery that produces expandable mailers and metalized Bubble Box Liners.

Under the same roof, we manufacture our entire temperature controlled packaging line of products which consists of our Pop-Up Pouch, Pop-Up Box Liners, and our Pop Up Pouches and Pallet Covers. We also manufacture various types of foam and bubble bags, pouches and sheets.

We offer slitting, sheeting and die cutting services.

Think About Us When Shipping


Ship pharmaceuticals in a safer and more convenient way.


Smart phones, tablets, laptops are more secure when using a Pop Up Pouch.

Pre-Packaged Meals

Sealed to stay fresh with out unique stay
fresh packaging.

Retail Items

Need to ship fragile items? Pop Up Pouch offers premium protection.


When delicate counts, use Pop up Pouch
products to protect.


Sweets stay sweet and sours stay sour
when sealing in our packaging.

Stateline Packaging – a History in the Custom Packaging Industry

Our family has an extensive background in the Packaging Industry that dates back to the 1970’s. We have owned and operated  a 375,000 square foot facility that served as Contract Packager for the Automotive Industry.  We specialized in Service Parts Packaging, Warehousing and Distribution, Converting, Kitting,  Sheeting,  Die Cutting, Skin Pack, Blister Seal, Foam Pre-Molds and Crating.

State Line packaging was founded in 2010 and is located in Toledo, Ohio. In house, we have the ability to design, fabricate, machine and build our own unique packaging machinery which differentiates us from our competition and enables us to produce  high quality products at a great price. We specialize in the manufacturing of products for Cold Chain Distribution. Our Pop Up Pouch is ideal for shipping and protective critical items and our Reflective Bubble line of Pop Up Box Liners and Pop Up Pouches and Pallet Covers are cost-effective solutions for insulating and protecting non-critical items while being shipped.